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oasis de aitana

Our siete bancales winery is located in the paradisiacal Aitana region. 800 m above sea level, we enjoy the view of the brilliant blue of the water and sky just as much as the view of rugged peaks and sculpted limestone ridges. Cliffs, bays and beaches, ancient olive groves, pine and almond trees, the lush green of paradisiacal gardens and Moorish terraced agriculture characterise the breath-taking landscape. Living in this place, being allowed to be hosts and being able to pursue our passion, viticulture, inspires us.

buenos días

We are passionate wine lovers and true nature lovers. We live on the finca seguró with our children (some of whom are already fledglings), our mountain dogs and cats, and run our natural wine estate siete bancales. With a lot of heart and soul, our finca has developed over the years into a small estate, which we manage completely autonomously. We have our own water, generate electricity from solar energy and heat with biomass. Our guests feel the power of nature - during a short trip or overnight in our cosy wine barrels. There are so many beautiful places here to linger with a good glass of wine and enjoy life.

natural beauty

7 – more than a number

We encounter the number 7 more often and in many different ways than any other number. It has fascinated and accompanied us since the creation of the world. The list in which the number 7 appears is long. Fairy tales tell us about the 7 dwarfs or the 7 little goats; in music, for example, it is the 7 bridges we cross. If you are in love, you are floating on cloud nine or in seventh heaven, and in everyday life the seven-day week provides structure. In religion, we speak of seven petitions and seven virtues, and the proverb "a book with seven seals" is still with us today. With our 7 senses we understand our environment and enjoy our life... In all areas and stages of life, 7 is a number that is constant and expresses perfection. These are qualities that we like to transfer to wine. We started our viticulture with seven terraces. Since then, it is hard to imagine our life without the number 7, and our siete bancales winery even more so :).


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